partners with Microsoft Philippines for “Startup Camps”

by | Apr 30, 2015 | Public Relations, Technology & Business

startup, a non-profit organization of technology, business, and startup enthusiasts, partners with Microsoft Philippines to offer “Startup Camps” in various cities in the Philippines.

“Startup Camps” is a free and open to the public one-day workshop. It is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, startup founders, academe (professors, students) and those interested in starting their own technology-based businesses or “startups”. Entrepreneurs who want to use technology to enhance their business are also invited to join.

The first event was held last April 11 in Batangas and was co-organized with The event was sold out with some attendees from Manila.

The next Startup Camp will be held this coming May 7 in Tagbilaran City, Bohol and May 9 in Cebu City.

“At this Startup Camp, the participants will learn about tech startups or Innovation-Driven enterprises (IDE) as well as ways to start their own businesses. Entrepreneurs and members of the business sector will gain more knowledge on the ways to enhance their businesses with technological tools,” said Tina Amper, Founder.

?Amper added that participants will also learn about building websites, mobile applications, and enterprise-class applications using Microsoft products.

?An information overview of Microsoft BizSpark program will also grace the camp. This provides technology, support, visibility, and community to qualified, promising startups and entrepreneurs—at no charge.

Software developers and tech startup founders will witness the unveiling of the new Microsoft Azure features and services. Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform: a growing collection of integrated services: compute, storage, data, networking, and app—that helps companies? move faster, do more, and save money.

These basic concepts will be explained during the workshop. We welcome all to join this learning event. For more details, visit, our official Facebook page at, or our Twitter @techtalks_ph. Stay tune for more updates when it comes to other cities like Cagayan de Oro.

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