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Michael Abonitalla

My full name is Michael Abonitalla, and I guess you already figured that out. I am a 40-year-old plus guy who witnessed the internet just when it started worldwide. I live in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, on the island of Mindanao. I have had lots of big starts and significant failures in my life, but I have never stopped being an entrepreneur.

My Journey

I started my journey to entrepreneurship at a young age. I have a habit of solving problems I see around and making money out of them. Here are some of my starts:

  • Bought and sold candies and small toys at school (age 12)
  • Accept lettering services to my engineering classmates (age 17)
  • Accept computer printing services in college (age 18)
  • Design website and offer web hosting services (age 22)
  • Open one of the first Internet Cafe in the Philippines (age 23)
  • Started a medical transcription BPO (age 30)
  • Started a VOIP telephone service (age 31)
  • Started an organic agricultural farm (age 37)
  • Created a local internet marketing company (age 39)
  • Transitioned to become a Digital Entrepreneur (age 40)
  • As I enter my 40s, I am convinced that there is no more incredible opportunity in this internet age than being a Digital Entrepreneur.

No other time in history is the playing field leveled to where ANYONE willing to learn some technical stuff & put in some extra hours on their computer can live the most amazing life with complete freedom.

We live in a fantastic time full of opportunities for anyone with the desire and motivation. The barriers to entry have never been this low!

So Why This Blog?

This blog site is to hold my thoughts and share my knowledge with anyone on Digital Marketing, Social Media, Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Startup.

I like to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses using the latest and cost-effective marketing techniques using digital and social media marketing.

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Co-founder: Cagayan de Oro Bloggers Group (CDOBloggers, Inc.)

Member: Google Partner Agency

Brand Ambassador: Hootsuite Asia Pacific Region

Past President: Junior Chamber International Kagayhaan Gold (JCIKG, Inc.) – 2003

JCI Senator: Junior Chamber International Senate – No. 70662

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