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#makeITsafePH – Social Networking Do’s and Dont’s

Written by Mike


Social Media is really a great platform and it is one of the best things that ever happen, in this technological age. With the power of Social Media, communication is faster and easier hence making it more convenient to interact with friends, families, and acquaintances from different places.

However, while this new technology can be quite useful when used in the right way, the reverse might be the case if it is not used judiciously.

On this post, I list down some handy things you should and shouldn’t do on social media which I believe would be quite handy for your safety and effective use.

Social Media Do’s

  • Post updates and comments. If you’re in a public forum, keep it light & positive.
  • Connect with colleagues with whom you feel safe. Don’t connect with colleagues you’re unsure about. Being friends with everyone isn’t a really cool thing.
  • Control your privacy settings. And keep up with the changes that Facebook makes to those privacy settings.
  • Take care when posting pictures of others. If you tag a friend, just think first how you’d feel if they did the same to you.
  • Disconnect from negativity. Unfriend or block those who continually blast you with negativity and trolling.
  • Show what you’re proud of. Done something great? Let the people know.

Social Media Dont’s

  • Don’t share too much personal information – While Social Media is an awesome platform to talk about yourself, it is highly recommended that you do not divulge too much info especially personal ones.
  • Personal things like the time you go out, come in, take a bath, go to work, etc. attract perpetrators that can harm you.
  • Don’t be rude even if you don’t agree with their views, if another user spreads hate and anger on your newsfeed, don’t engage in a war of words. Remember, you can block anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Don’t embarrass your friends by tagging them in awkward photos or videos, remember, you don’t have full control over the removal of any personal information on the Web. Even if you delete the photo, your friends may have already saved a copy of the image.

That is just some of the important things you should know and think about when you’re on social media. I fully support the #makeITsafePH campaign of Globe Telecom which promotes cybersecurity and cyber wellness among Filipinos so we can deal safely online. Share this guide to your friends and family so they will be more aware of what is going on online.


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