Great Free Goal Setting Software

by | Oct 30, 2012 | Work and Productivity

If you are looking for goal setting software that works, that’s easy to use and that’s free, you do have to quite a bit of choice. You don’t have to pay the $50 or $60 that they ask for for the paid stuff. If you look around on the Internet, you do, against a few well-designed examples of goalsetting software. These work, and they do practically everything that paid him software does. But you do need to keep in mind that goal setting software can only be as good as your result to follow the goals that it helps you fact. No software to stand in for action and dogged persistence. You don’t want to turn out like one of those people who have smart phones because “Look at how wonderful it is healthy unit organize” and they just spend their time playing around with the features and they never get around to actually organizing anything.

Take a look at these examples of free goal setting software, and see if there’s anything that gets your interest.

Life Tango is a great little application. Not only does it help you set goals and keep up with them, it comes with a brainstorming Wizard as well. When you turn the wizard on, the wizard comes up with a set of of questions that you need answer for it. What kind of job position in your career would you like to achieve one day; where would you like to go on vacation; you get the picture. Those are goals that you set for yourself. Once you have those before you, the software makes you set deadlines for them and it shows you aT progress meter for where you are on them. And then, you can share everything with your friends and your family. They can give you a little bit of feedback on what they think.

BackPackIT is a great little tool to help you keep up with your dreams. The free version lets you set those goals, neatly check them off once you’ve done them, and so on. The paid premium version gives you even better ways of getting with your goals. You get graphic motivational messages.

Joe’s Goals is an application that helps you really track your progress when you have a goal in mind. If you’re trying to lose weight, for instance, you can keep track with this tool, of how many times you’ve worked out, how many miles you’ve run, and so on. Every time you slip up or you miss something, you lose a point. Every time you do something right, you win a point.

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