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Globe Telecom launches Globe Future Makers 2019 in search for social innovation startups

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Globe Telecom launches Globe Future Makers (GFM) 2019, in collaboration with The Spark Project, as it takes its position as an accelerator for social innovators in the country’s start-up community.

Introduced in 2017, Globe Future Makers (GFM) is the social innovation program of Globe which aims to help build the ecosystem of support for startups which are using technology to solve the Philippines’ most challenging social problems.

“in promoting digital transformation, we want to encourage as many businesses as possible to use technology for social good. Globe Future Makers offers a unique opportunity for our small enterprises using digital technology to scale up and test if their businesses are replicable in global markets. We encourage social innovators and start-ups to participate in GFM 2019,” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Chief Sustainability Officer and SVP for Corporate Communications.

She added: “We want to strengthen the Filipino start-up community and use technologies of the future.” Crisanto noted that local start-ups are emerging in the technology space but many have yet to reach the level of complexity of start-ups in other countries.

GFM 2019 is open to Philippine-based individuals, groups, or organizations with solutions that use technology such as a device, platform, hardware, or software, to achieve wide-scale positive impact.

Entries must be beyond the ideation and conceptual stage, with a solution that has been working for at least two (2) years and a functional product or service with actual users. It must also address any of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Chosen GFM finalists will each receive technology support from Globe and dedicated mentorship from industry leaders. The finalists will also have access to a robust ecosystem of passionate peers, partners, and potential investors both locally and internationally, plus increased brand awareness with access to nationwide communications channels and potential for regional visibility.

This year, the implementing partner for GFM is The Spark Project, which will also help create the ecosystem of social innovators through their community. The Spark Project is a Philippine-based crowdfunding website and community that helps entrepreneurs and changemakers launch their creatively conscious ventures to market.

As a pioneer in the local crowdfunding scene, The Spark Project is dedicated to enabling Filipino creativity and innovation through its website and various community events. Since 2013, The Spark Project, headed by program developer Patrick Dulay, already helped raise over Php 6.5 million for more than 70 projects.

GFM brings to life the company’s sustainability commitment in response to UN Sustainable Development Goal (UNSDG) No. 9 which calls for investment in infrastructure and innovation to find lasting solutions to both economic and environmental challenges.

For more about Globe Future Makers 2019, please visit and

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