Exploiting your own negativity – a Blogging Tips

by | Oct 28, 2011 | Blogging

In the beginning, when people first started blogging, and even when they first started microblogging on Twitter, the way the magazines tried to explain blogging to the general public was to tell them that this was a way in which anyone could share the most trivial details of their lives with the world. If the line at Starbucks is too long, you put out a tweet about it, they said; if you bought red three-inch heels and you were happy, you put out a blog post about it. In short, the first descriptions that people got to read of what blogging was all about, told them that it was a rather petty self-serving exercise. And that kind of view sort of stuck on. People read newspaper and magazine columns usually not to learn about the writer or his personal views on things, but to learn something about the world, that they can use. One needs to understand that blogs, micro or otherwise, are no different. Here are a few blogging tips on how you need to make your blog entirely about what the reader is interested in and not about yourself.

Take any small business blog and the way they usually go about putting their posts out. Usually they put out posts to say something about how their company has a new advertising campaign out or how they have a new product out that’s great. Why would anyone want to know about this company’s advertising campaign or new product line? If a business does wish to put word out about a new advertising campaign or product line, they need to work this information into an informative post that a general reader would like to read. It could be an in-depth analysis of the kind of problems customers have or something of the kind. A blog post first and foremost has to make sure that the audience is entertained, informed and educated. That’s what draws readers. This is what blogging tips today need to teach.

Most bloggers have a considerable amount of trouble finding good content to put out on a regular basis. Most blogging tips mistakenly assume that bloggers need a lot of handholding for help finding content to write. In general, bloggers tend to know their subject area. They are usually involved in blogging because they love to write about the subject that interests them. They don’t need handholding; what they need are ideas that will inspire them to dig in deep within and find new things to respond to. That’s the kind of experience they crave.

Luckily, there are a number of easy-to-use tools out there in the Internet that supply one with all kinds of points of view and ideas on any subject that anyone would want. Subscribing to any area of news on Google Alerts can be a great way to keep those creative juices flowing. Bloggers, when they come across new ideas or new points of view in the news through Google Alerts, often find inspiration quickly for something new to say themselves. In the same way, following competitors on Twitter can often be a great way to come by ideas.

Sometimes, we don’t even need to go outside for ideas. One can often find them in one’s own negativity. Does the success of a competing blogger make you jealous? That would be a great thing to exploit. All you need to do is to read their posts, find fault with them as one is likely to do when one is jealous, and write a blog post that addresses those shortcomings. You can often find all kinds of ideas on how to be critical, from the comments and questions section on any blog.

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