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Experience Cinema in New Theaters at SM CDO Downtown Premier

Written by Mike


SM Cinema brings family entertainment to the city of Cagayan de Oro through 7 quality and innovative theaters in Mindanao’s largest, newly-opened shopping center, SM CDO Downtown Premier. Kagay-anons may now choose their cinematic adventure in three ways as SM Cinema CDO Downtown Premier opens its doors beginning May 12, 2017.

SM Cinema’s entertainment hub in CDO introduces the Mega Screen as size does matter. It is Southeast Asia’s first super-sized screen equipped with a Christie 6P laser projection system. This format boasts an almost 30% larger screen size versus regular cinemas with laser projection that produces the brightest images and most accurate reproduction of colors from the actual movie set. The SM CDO Downtown Premier Mega Screen theater is installed with stadium-like seats and uses Dolby Atmos Sound System on Christie Vive Speakers, fully immersing its audience through the state-of-the-art surround sound technology.

Aside from the Mega Screen, movie lovers can watch this year’s most-anticipated blockbuster movies in clear, bright images and pristine sound with SM Cinema’s fully-digitized theaters equipped with state of the art surround sound systems. Escape to SM Cinema’s four new theaters and experience the spectacle of movies with friends and family.

The two luxurious Director’s Club Cinema in SM CDO Downtown Premier will welcome its guests with spacious, fully carpeted lobby and sets the mood with its warm lighting. Guests who are looking for a more refined movie experience can relax in its comfortable, automatic recliners furnished with spacious side tables for food and drinks that may be ordered through an in-your-seat butler service. With wall-to-wall screens supported by quality surround system, guests can sit back, take a seat, and join the club as they watch their favorite movies in total luxury.

As a standard in all SM Cinema theaters, PWD-friendly facilities are available inside the theaters for guests total ease of access.

Have the best day at SM Cinema’s newly-opened theaters in SM CDO Downtown Premier! You can book your seats through and enjoy hassle-free ticket purchase.

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