Earn (2x) two times more from your blog

by | Aug 1, 2009 | Blogging, Local Search Marketing

If you are trying to make money by selling ad spaces and writing paid review then you are leaving behind a huge chunk of money on the table.

You can actually earn two times more from your blog by promoting affiliate programs.


You can do so by linking specific keywords in your blog posts into affiliate programs.

Take the following example:

==>>Your blog is about Health and Fitness and you’ve talked about “healthy diet”. What you can do is you can link that very keyword to an affiliate program. Now your readers can follow that link to buy the related product and you’ll be the one earning commission out of it.

Let’s say you have another post and you have the phrase “aerobic excercise”. You can link this keyword to a good aerobic exercise tutorial video and if your readers buy the video from that very link you’ll be the one getting paid again.

Getting paid commissions out of the keywords that lead to affiliate links is not a small deal. Can you imagine how much impact will that be making to your overall blog income?

But how?

The reason being- you have those keywords already linked with the affiliate link and it is going to stay right there. This means you…. yes, YOU will be the one AGAIN to earn commissions even if someone reads that post after say, 5 months or 8 months. Now, think about all the hundreds of blog posts lying idle on your blog. Don’t you want to earn from them lifelong??

But its not possible to edit all of them, that might take a really loooong time or even forever.

Fact is: Ninja Affiliate (a powerful wordpress plugin) can do that. All your blog posts that laid idle and all those keyowrds that you wanted to link can be made affiliate links instantly, that can earn you passive commissions.

What about all those thousands of RSS subscribers you have? I can bet most of your loyal readers read your blog using RSS feed. That means they see no ads, and they don’t increase any page views. Unfortunately they just don’t do anything to increase your earning.

BUT linking your keywords to affiliate links will earn you money even from your RSS readers as well.

Check out what more Ninja Affiliate can do:

Think of the possibilities and fore-see how far you can go with your blog incomes. The choice is yours, whether to stick with your penny-wise income or learn an effective affiliate marketing here.

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