Are you an internet marketer?

by | Mar 10, 2009 | Digital Media Marketing, Local Search Marketing

Making a living as an internet marketer is a fairly new profession. It was unheard of a few years ago to make a living trading goods online. Even the online giant of Amazon has only been around since 1995. That’s hardly a long time never mind a life time.

It has taken the people a bit longer to start considering the internet as a way to make money and to develop a career in. Mostly it could be attributed to the fact that the internet runs on a technology fairly foreign to the normal person or non-geek.

Having to cope with technical issues is a frightening concept and many people would have hesitated to try their hand at internet marketing. It’s so much easier to set up a table at a fair and sell goods that are tangible and where one can use a plastic tupperware bowl for the cash register.

Do you know how to create graphics on a computer? How about using HTML to put a web page together, know any of that? Would you know how to set up a shopping cart? Can you check the statistics for your traffic to see what sales campaigns are working? Does that sound like it is all too much for you to try?

What has changed then? It’s the availability of tools such as WordPress that has changed the online environment. This innovative online application was first available in 2003. WordPress allows ordinary people like you and I to easily set up a blog and be ready to publish our words of wisdom for all to read in a matter of moments.

It’s not only WordPress that has set us non-geek people free of the technology that had held us back in the past. A slew of little software applications are now available that help with such things as shopping carts and traffic analytics. A plethora of free template designs and graphics available at no or little cost allows even the totally inept marketer to upload something passable onto the internet.

These tools have opened doors for marketers to venture into the technologically challenging environment of the internet. No longer does one have to be a computer geek to be able to set up a website as a lot of help is available to make the task so much easier.

You don’t even have to be a qualified graphic designer to produce good looking sites. It’s not necessary to be a famed journalist as one can buy good quality articles from online marketers that are topic specific and appropriate to ones field. And one can bring in low cost technical assistance if one is really stuck.

What it means is that the tools and information on the internet have made it easier for marketers to set up shop on the internet. Of course those marketers who are creative, have a flair for copy writing, can spot a good product to sell or have a great own product do have an advantage as internet marketers.

The one thing the internet offers though is a low cost entry into the world of buy and sell and a huge, often free, library of information to assist even the newest of marketers to make a successful go of it.

All that is required besides knowledge and patience, is courage to try it out. Do you have it?

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